B.O. Boys (Movie Box Office)

Encanto barely beats Ghostbusters: Afterlife to take #1 and House of Gucci brings adults back to the theaters. Plus, Licorice Pizza has a gobsmacking $87K per screen average! Is the arthouse back?

November 29, 2021

Yes, Encanto is #1, but its Ghostbusters: Afterlife's 45% drop that is the story of the weekend. Is this IP stronger than we thought? 


Also, House of Gucci brought the adults back to the theater. Studios know that the rats need their cheese, but will they get the message that the adults need their brie?


And finally, Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza lit up the arthouse this weekend in 4 theaters in NYC and LA. Is this greasing the tracks for Simon Rex's Red Rocket to pop off next weekend? The Boys give their two cents




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